Benefits of physical, emotional and spiritual yoga.

Yoga provides physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Not only does it have benefits for the body but it also seeks a path towards a deeper sense of life that unites the physical with the spiritual.

This means taking the person to a state of harmony, peace and serenity through self-knowledge and perfect integration with the outside world.

The practice of yoga brings us emotional and spiritual physical benefits.

In a single practice session it is possible to feel the general well-being.

In three months, the benefits begin to manifest with great force and clarity, after a year we begin to achieve some more lasting achievements.

Yoga is a natural method to get rid of tension accumulated daily, in the physical and mental body.

Indeed, postures and pranayamas are effective techniques to release stress, often manifested as contractures in the neck, back and joints.

The human being is a perfect combination of body, mind and spirit. An irregularity at the physical level affects the mental plane. In the same way, any restlessness present in the mind can manifest itself as a disease in the body.

Yoga postures not only massage the different organs of the body, but also strengthen the muscular system.

In addition, breathing techniques and pranayamas help release stress, which results in an improvement in the immune system, scientifically proven.

The mind is constantly involved in various activities and thoughts, oscillating between the past and the future; only a few moments manages to remain in the only moment that exists: the present. Being aware of this natural tendency of the mind is the first step in reversing it.

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