Happiness and Yoga

A new study explains happiness and yoga. Yoga poses and practices help us to be happier

There are many benefits attributed to yoga, since those who practice it find numerous positive changes in their day life

Physical trainers know their usefulness perfectly. Happiness and yoga go hand in hand.

However, we may not yet understand the mechanism through which body postures influence our mind.

A recent study suggests where the scientific roots of its psychological benefits are. Happiness and yoga

Research on the positive consequences of yoga has traditionally focused on the effects of breathing and meditation.

However, not much has been studied yet about the psychological effects of performing certain yoga postures.

A new study published in journal.frontiersin shows research on the influence of yoga postures on self-esteem and subjective energy.

Its strategy has been to approach other psychological theories associated with body language that are usually studied when describing the influence of certain “positions of power” in the workplace, politics, when speaking in public, debates etc.

Therefore, these researchers have considered that a comparison with these positions called "poses of power", and their influence with the perception of personal energy and self-confidence, makes sense because of their association with the interpersonal domain.

In the study, some participants performed two simple yoga poses for two minutes, while others performed these so-called "power poses" for also two minutes.

The first results indicated that those who carried out the yoga postures improved their subjective feelings of energy, sense of power and self-esteem compared to the other group.

It has been discovered that happiness and yoga are for the benefit of society.

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