The art of meditating

Asana is one of the most practiced and known techniques of Yoga. It involves placing the body in different postures and spatial situations (there are hundreds of Asanas or yoga postures) and hold them for a certain time.

There are many reasons why more and more people practice the art of meditating in the Asana.

Most of them respond to the search for a physical, emotional or mental well-being that increases their quality of life.

Truly, whoever has done Asanas can confirm that the improvement in these aspects is noted in a short space of time. Maybe that's why there is an increasing number of people faithful to this practice but.

Is that all that Asana has to offer us?

When we do this practice we can go beyond the posture, beyond the breath, we can meditate on it, it is what we call Asana Integral.

We observe that Yoga, as a whole, covers the needs of all parts of our Being. It orders, heals and balances the physical body.

Yoga elevates our emotional state, works attention, incorporates intuition as one more sense and opens our mind to higher states of consciousness.

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