Yoga is much more than yoga

Yoga is much more than yoga


The love of practice is growing enormously in recent years.

For this reason it is perhaps convenient to remember that this ancient technique is much more than a physical discipline to do postures or breathing exercises.

Behind there is a deep search for inner knowledge to understand why and what we are here for.

Open ourselves to a state of consciousness that is a whole philosophy of life.

A new style of healthy and sustainable eating, observing the world with a new look, from love and respect to everything around us, is key to enjoying a discipline that brings us countless physical and emotional benefits.

In any yoga event you will find people who tell how this practice has changed their lives for the better.

To know ourselves is to love ourselves and to begin to love ourselves is the first step to build a better world.

Physical benefits of yoga:

Strength: asanas tone every part of the body.

Resistance: regular practice increases work capacity.

Flexibility: a young body is maintained and restored through proper stretching.

Posture: while the tone and flexibility are balanced, an upright and effortless posture is established.

Energy: the improvement of glandular functioning and deep relaxation leave one cool and calm.

Health: A state of consistent well-being is experienced when the mind and body are balanced.

Improved blood circulation.

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